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How To Boost Your Pumps By 336%

January 19, 2023 2 min read

How To Boost Your Pumps By 336%

Sports performance products with nitric oxide claims continue to flourish.
The industry is always digging deep to find new, innovative ways to enhance physical performance and help athletes all over the world push their bodies to new heights. This conversation mostly revolves around Pre-Workouts & ‘Pump’ products. Since not all products are created equal, when FitNox hit the market it instantly drew a lot of attention.

Since FitNoxis the next big thing for boosting NO and enhancing pumps - we HAD to have it in ourOUTSIZED. Containing three key botanical extracts, it provides a superior impact on vasodilation & endurance by increasing NO (Nitric Oxide) levels within the body without the addition of nitrates. The botanical components of FitNox are contained inside a protective plant-based matrix through Polar-Nonpolar-Sandwich (PNS) technology.

  • Ensures the bioactive components are well protected 
  • Provides enhanced solubility and absorption3 
  • Allows for no carriers or binders to be needed

FitNox has been scientifically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels up to 336% thereby promoting increased vasodilation and blood flow. It supports many of the components related to NO production and improved endurance by minimizing the factors that cause fatigue and limit performance.

You probably have heard us say this before - trademarked ingredients simply mean that there’s been research & countless studies to support and back up all of the beneficial claims with actual science. FitNox has a couple of great studies that are too good not to share as they show long-term AND short-term benefits:

Fast Acting Effect on Nitrate and Nitrite Levels

A short term (1 day) study was performed to investigate whether oral intake of 250 mg of FitNox is able to increase nitrate (NO3−) and nitrite (NO2−) levels in blood serum and saliva of healthy adults. These are widely accepted markers for indicating the level of nitric oxide within the body

  • Nitrate and Nitrite levels significantly increased at 1 hour following a single dose of FitNox (p<0.05) in blood and saliva measurements.
  • Nitrate and nitrite levels in blood and saliva remained significantly elevated (p < 0.05) for 10 hours post dose.

Long Lasting Cumulative Effect on Nitrate and Nitrite Levels

  • Concentrations of Nitrite increased 49% before exercise and 47% after exercise
  • Concentrations of Nitrate increased 31% before exercise and 45% after exercise. 

Reduces Markers for Muscle Fatigue

  • FitNox significantly decreased LDH levels compared to placebo both before and after exercise. 
  • FitNox reduced MDA levels by 47% from day 0 to day 22.


Like A Pro Supplements

Outsized™️ Non-Stim Pump V3

The BEST Non - Stim Pre Workout Just Got Better!


Bring your pumps to an entire new level unlike anything you ever experienced! The largest amount of NO3T nitrates in any pre workout on the market at 4g . It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used . The new formula will have you pumped just walking into the gym before picking up any weights . On top of the 4g NO3T Nitrates we also have 5g of Pure citrulline that’s going to help enhanced blood flow along with a whopping dose of Hydroprime at 5g which will help increase hydration/pull water into the muscle making your muscles fuller and rounder.

LASTLY! We have sea salt , Tuarine and astragin which will not only aide in a great amount of electrolytes for your workout but also help with decreasing fatigue , improving your performance and absorption ensuring you have a great workout.

All in all V3 is a very well rounded SIMPLE formula that’s very EFFECTIVE to get you PUMPED. 

Sea Salt 400mg

Citrulline 5,000mg

Hydroprime 5,000mg

Betaine Nitrate (NO3-T®) 2000mg

Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T®) 2,000mg

Taurine 1,000mg



  • Non stimulant 
  • Massive blood flow 
  • Extreme fullness 
  • Hydration 
  • Clinically dosed ingredients 
  • No artificial coloring or dyes 
  • 30 Full Servings