Essentials For a Pump!

A huge pump is essential to keep your muscles going! There are lots of products on the market but only a few that contain proper ingredients to actually increase your pump Muscles need oxygen to function, blood delivers oxygen to the muscles, muscles lift weights and set them back down, it’s essential. With a bigger pump you can lift longer and stronger!

The oxygen rich blood flowing to the muscles are also delivering muscle building nutrients. The more nutrients the muscles get, the more they can recovery and build, simple as that.

The saying “Feel the Burn” is somewhat deceiving. Most times, the burn is just too much and that’s because of lactic acid, which could be affecting your gains by decreasing your workout’s efficiency.

Why do these that matter? Well, because that’s what our Glycotrix - CARB & PUMP Formula is designed to help you overcome! We made sure to include insulin mimicking agents to help pull carbs and nutrients into the muscle cells. Creating the most anabolic combo during training besides using real insulin! Your workouts just got better!