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1,000 Reps for Legs!

March 09, 2020 1 min read

1,000 Reps for Legs!

Finally did my challenge of 1,000 reps and holy shit my legs are crippled and yes I used maximum weight with to where I was failing before hitting my reps per set then taking 5-6 seconds and getting the rest of the reps per set. The pump was beyond anything I’ve ever had to the point my legs were hurting from the pump!

Try This Workout Routine:

  • 6 sets legs extensions single leg 25 reps each leg so 50 reps each set total (300 reps)
  • 4 sets leg press single leg 25 reps each leg so 50 reps per full set (200) reps
  • 4 sets sissy squats 25 reps (100) reps
  • 4 sets DB lunges 25 reps each leg so 50 reps per full set weighted (200 reps)
  • 8 sets plate loaded V-squat machine 25 reps (200 reps) feet medium stance


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