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HULK Up Your Back

November 08, 2021 2 min read

HULK Up Your Back

You SHOULD Know These

Rows have been performed from the beginning of time. Hell, no wonder pirates and vikings were huge, they’ve been rowing for days! Over the ages, rowing became one of the most talked about exercises for a huge back.

It’s no secret that back muscles require lots of work and time to be equally developed. Rowing is one exercise that has enough variations to nearly target the entire back. Yep, you heard us correctly - you can do an entire workout consisting of just rows!

For Each of these exercises you'll want to do 3-4 sets at 10-12 reps.
  1. Trap Bar Rows- The unique design of the handles on this bar allows you to target your entire lats and keeps your movement in place. As long as you maintain your proper rowing form, you’ll feel the tension in the lats right away!
  2. Dumbbell Rows -This classic variation also happens to be the most ‘wrongly-done’ row of all time. Dumbbell provides an ability to really bring out the explosiveness and full range of motion. The only issue is the form - you NEED to get it down before going heavy. Having that squared form and pulling with your entire body instead of driving with the elbow to your waistline doesn’t just take away from the exercise but also increases chances for injury.
  3. Low Cable Row -The biggest issue with these is finding the right handle. Using a T-Bar or a Tricep Press-down cable are your best bets. Although when planning out a workout, keep in mind that using different grips will target your back differently. 
  4. One Arm Barbell Row - A crazy exercise to put the tension on your lats unlike any other movement. This variation comes from the golden age and doesn’t fail to provide tension from the top of your lat to the bottom. Going with a lighter weight would definitely be the smart decision as you want to focus on form before anything else when doing this variation. 
  5. Prone Incline Bench Row - Let’s note that you could also use a flat bench as long as it’s high enough to allow you the full range of motion. Remaining in a facedown position while rowing maximizes isolation because your body is locked in one place and you are forced to use your back.

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